Saturday 7 March 11AM – 12.30PM

I’m very excited to partner with Yanan and Robin from Project Dao in Alexandria to bring you this special Yoga-puncture class.

Enjoy Yin Yoga & Acupuncture for a complete and total relaxation experience…

A few days before the class, you’ll receive a consultation form to complete via email allowing Yanan and her team to personalize your treatment. On arrival to class, you’ll also have a brief health consultation to assess what might benefit you most for your Acupuncture session.

A glorious, slow and relaxing Yin class will follow, and when you drop in to take rest at the end of class, you’ll have your very own Acupuncture/Savasana experience completely taylor made from your personal consultation. You will be guaranteed to leave feeling deeply relaxed, nourished and nurtured!

If you’ve never tried Acupuncture before, I highly recommend this gentle introduction. You’ll be surprised at how powerful and relaxing it can be.

I can’t wait for you to experience Yoga-puncture!

Yin & Pin Class Investment:

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