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Hatha Yoga Sydney is thrilled to announce that in studio classes have resumed. Class numbers will be limited to 10 people, so bookings are essential. You can book into a class via the Contact page on this website. Please wait for a confirmation email before arriving to the studio. On-line live streamed classes will also continue via the Zoom platform.

  • Download the Zoom mobile app on your phone – Apple App Store or Google Play. If you are using Zoom on your computer or laptop, the software should automatically download in your browser when you click the link to join. You can download it in advance here. It’s free to join.
  • If you would like to attend classes on a casual basis or need to grab a new class pass, please scroll down to purchase before registering to attend. 
  • Once a class/pass has been purchased, please register by clicking on the links below to attend the class you’re interested in and Zoom will automatically send you a link to join.

Hatha Yoga Sydney offers the following classes at this time. Please choose the level that best suits your needs and we can always advise on selecting the best class for you. If you have any questions please contact Ondine at info@hathayogasydney.com.au

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is a traditional and orthodox style of yoga consisting of different âsanas (postures) which when linked together, create sequences of movements. Together with correct alignment, breath control and stillness of pose, yoga has the ability to slow down the fluctuations (thoughts) of the mind, bringing the body and mind into a more equanimous and balanced space, essential qualities in a hectic and harried world which often over-saturates our senses and clouds our mental clarity.

Yin Yoga
Yin is a slow paced style of yoga that incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine with grounding postures that are held for minutes at a time. This may bring about greater awareness, improved focus and mental clarity, decompression of the body and mind, and a slowing down of the body’s taught need to be constantly moving. Yin brings a meditative quality to your practice.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative yoga is a healing and softening practice designed to bring you out of living in a stressed and tension filled state and into a deeply relaxed and rested state, surrendering your body to the forces of gravity. You will be supported by soft, spongy bolsters, blankets and blocks to help you release built up tension that may have been residing in your muscles and tissues for years. Pure bliss!

2-Week Unlimited Introductory Pass

* new students only *



$49.00Add to cart

Please purchase session tickets here

Multiple Sessions

10 Class Pass (valid 3 months) 60-75 minute classes

$275 (includes gst)

$275.00Add to cart

This class pass is perfect for those of you who would like to attend any of the classes on the timetable one to two times a week to open and strengthen body and mind and economize your yoga sessions. It is valid for 3-months so allows you plenty of time flexibility for attendance. You can mix and match evening classes with lunchtime and early morning classes. The choice is yours.

20- Class Pass (valid 6 months)

$497 (includes gst)

$497.00Add to cart

The mega 20-class pass in valid for 6-months, which gives you a little more freedom. Some weeks, you like to come just once, others 2 or 3 times, but you have a little more flexibility, plus an amazing 10% discount off the 10-class pass. Watch how a consistent practice over time can have far reaching benefits on your work, home life and relationships by keeping you grounded, strong, more relaxed, less stressed and better focused.

Unlimited Monthly Pass (valid for one calendar month)

$275 (includes gst)

$275.00Add to cart

Unlimited classes per calendar month for those who enjoy their regular yoga fix. Come to as many of the classes on offer every week. Consistency is the key to a progressive practice, so watch your body and mind positively respond to moving more often, it will love you for it! Better physical mobility, improved strength and flexibility are just some of the amazing advantages.

10 Class Pass (valid 3 months) 45 minute classes

$247 (includes gst)

$247.00Add to cart

This option is for those who can only commit to the lunch-time classes. The 10-class pass is valid for 3 months so you can come in once or twice a week and witness how a consistent practice over time can have far reaching benefits on your work, home life and relationships by keeping you grounded, strong, more relaxed and better focused.

10 Class Pass On-Line Streaming Virtual Attendance (valid 3 months)

$187 (includes gst)

$187.00Add to cart

This class pass is perfect for those of you who would like to attend classes virtually due to living interstate or overseas and from the comfort of their own homes.


Unlimited 3- Monthly Pass (valid for three calendar months)

$742.50 (includes gst)

$742.50Add to cart

Unlimited classes for 3 calendar months for those who enjoy their regular yoga fix and would like to experience a 10% discount off the monthly pass. Come to as many of the classes on offer every week.


Casual/Single Sessions

Casual yoga class/Meditation - 60-75 minutes

$35 (includes gst)

$35.00Add to cart

Only have time for a yoga class once in a while? Take a casual class consisting of a luxurious 75-minutes all to yourself to move, breathe, meditate and create more space for your body and mind to slow down. With a combination of dynamic and held poses, this class will help detox your body, silence the busy-ness of your mind, help you concentrate better and relax deeper.

Casual yoga - 45 minutes

$27 (includes gst)

$27.00Add to cart

Don’t stay all day hunched over your computer. Take a break from the office to stretch, strengthen and open your body in this 45-minute class. Improve your posture, relieve tight neck and shoulders and return to your work energised, oxygenated and able to avoid the afternoon slump. This class will ensure you stay alert and focused at work so you can be more productive.

Special Offers

Private Class (Single)/Mentoring Session

$150 (includes gst)

$150.00Add to cart

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

$180 (includes gst)

$180.00Add to cart

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