Tarot & Yoga Workshop

Saturday 26 October 3-5PM


This unique workshop (and upcoming series of workshops) combine the insight of Tarot, with the power of Goddess energy, the alchemy of the moon and the healing magic of Yin & Restorative yoga.

This is the third in this monthly series of four workshops. You will get to know each Tarot Queen’s energetic signature and recognise how it manifests within you. You will also learn about the importance of honouring lunar cycles and the significance of the New Moon.

Prior to the workshop, you will receive a personalised email Tarot reading, introducing you to the individual Queen and how you can harness/balance her energy. This reading will act as a guide to help you set your workshop intention.

The 2-hour workshop will involve Meditation, Intention setting, a gentle Yin & Restorative sequence finished off with a delicious Yoga Nidra to ensure maximum relaxation.

In this workshop we will be getting acquainted with the Queen of Cups.

If you are interested in finding a deeper connection with your Divine Feminine and are prepared to be the most relaxed you’ve ever been, then this is the workshop for you!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mireille via email info@yinandjuice.com.au
Each workshop so far has SOLD OUT, so if you are keen to participate, please be quick to confirm your booking.

Tarot & Yoga Workshop Investment:

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