Restorative Yoga Class – Instudio only

Wednesday 20 January 6.30-8.30pm

Fully Booked


What to expect…
Restorative Yoga involves extensive use of Yoga props (bolsters, blankets, blocks etc.) to literally support, cushion and cradle the body, gently coaxing it to let go and release tension. We’re looking to reach the point where the physical body can completely relax, which can initiate and facilitate healing on deeper levels in relation to stress and the emotions.

What’s actually happening?
Restorative Yoga is a short-cut to accessing our parasympathetic nervous system – which means our whole being experiences homeostasis, functioning optimally, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Our body knows how to heal itself, however we need to support, nurture and encourage it in this process.

How will I feel? 
The majority of people finish their Restorative practice feeling deeply relaxed and soft. There’s a welcomed sense of having turned inward and actively taken care of oneself. Physically and emotionally, you’ll feel receptive, porous and softer as it truly takes the edge off in the most wonderful way. You’ll most likely float out the door on a Restorative Yoga high!

Whether you’re dealing with a physical issue, an emotional challenge – or just  need to restore from a sense of overwhelm, overwork and exhaustion, you will be looked after and supported during this unique Restorative Yoga journey.

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