LSD (Long, Slow, Deep)

Sunday 29 March 3.00-5.30pm


HERE WE GO! The infamous LSD class is back…

I’m super excited to offer this amazing class once again, and I know some of you who have previously attended this class will be excited for another opportunity to practice. This is based on LA teacher Bryan Kest’s sequence affectionately titled LSD!

Be prepared to move into areas deeply and safely with a combination of deep stretching poses held for longer than you will be accustomed. This is a deep exploration of your body, breath and resilience. I recommend this class if you’d like to move into deeper openings, but it’s not for the faint hearted!

I have done this class with Bryan himself three times now, and each time is a unique and incredible opportunity to explore the depths of your practice through strong physical openings. This class can be emotionally strong too, so I would gently recommend spending a quiet evening in to allow your body to assimilate and integrate the deep extensions and openings you will experience.

This class has strictly limited places, so you’ll need to book in to experience LSD! I can’t wait to see you there. 

Investment: $77
Limited places available


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