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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a full Body- Mind- Spirit approach to finding balance and calmness within and without so we can function in the world at our most optimal level. 

With so much information “out there”, and so many people giving advice on what we should be doing, eating, exercising, avoiding etc. the list is endless, but it can also be overwhelming and paralysing to create lasting and meaningful change without the correct information for your unique set of circumstances. This is not a one size fits all concept. We’ll take a deep dive into your individual lifestyle and see where there may be weaknesses in order to create greater strength and a feeling of more wholeness and completeness,

I will share the wisdom I have gained after years of studying the ancient practices of Yoga, Meditation & Ayurvedic Medicine. I have a holistic approach, taking a look at how you are digesting and integrating your life experiences via your emotions, nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, movement, time with the mind, self-love, self-care, play, joy and managing expectations for yourself and others.

Where do you feel most out of balance, disconnected or out of touch? 

+ do you need help designing your life in the direction it wants to go and not careening down a path to nowhere?

+ do you need skills on how to integrate some of life’s harder moments without becoming a puddle every time?

+ Do you need to create more emotional resilience by reacting less and responding calmly more?

+ do you need help not getting caught up in other peoples and even your own dramas?

+ do you need to know how to take more responsibility for your actions?

+ do you need to stop taking everything so personally?

Do you need a general reset and tune -up?

I am here to listen to your needs first and foremost and then to come up with a plan with you in order to help propel you further forward toward manifesting your goals and dreams. Sometimes more support, more accountability and a cheerleader on your side can be just the kick you need to help you start running in the direction you are meant to be going in.

There are certain characteristics you can ask yourself before committing to see if you may be ready for coaching..

  • Are you open and ready for more full body, mind and heart expansion?
  • Are you open and ready to explore more of your innate potential?
  • Are you open and ready to grab opportunities when they arise?
  • Are you open and ready to receiving advice and suggestions?
  • Are you open and ready to embrace discomfort?
  • Are you open and ready to try something new?
  • Are you open and ready to embrace change?
  • Are you open to the unknown?
  • Are you open to possibility?
  • Are you open to learning?

If the answer to all the above is a full body YES!, then let’s chat and see what we can do together.

$180 (includes GST)

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Please connect with me to book in your FREE 15-minute Consultation to discuss your needs and to see if we might be a good fit: info@hathayogasydney.com.au

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