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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a full Body- Mind- Spirit approach to finding balance and calmness on the inside and outside, so you can shine, expand and grow into your fullest potential.

My Spiritual approach to sessions are designed with your needs, desires and dreams in mind. I will hold space, guide and support you and be your biggest ally, because I genuinely believe that when we are in alignment with our soul’s purpose, there is nothing that can stop us from reaching it.

A support person may be all we need to help us take the first steps to living as ourselves for the first time, masks removed, raw and free. That support can oftentimes be the difference between believing in yourself and trusting your ability to create, or doubting your abilities and stagnating without achieving your desired outcome.

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Spiritual Life Coaching may be for you if you feel challenged in any of the following areas in your life:

  • you don’t feel completely supported by your partner
  • you’re paralysed by stress, overwhelm and/or anxiety
  • you’re confused or uncertain about what direction your life is taking
  • you struggle with allowing yourself to receive love, joy or abundance in your life
  • the voice in your head is questioning your worth and whether you deserve to have it all
  • parents or friends express their opinions about whether you can or can’t, should or shouldn’t do something in your own life
  • you’re telling yourself that you need to have certain aspects of your life in place before you can begin your goal or life purpose
  • you have issues with mindset, health, nutrition, stress, exhaustion, time, work/life balance, self-care, boundary setting, saying no
  • something is holding you back from achieving what it is you really want to do, but you can’t seem to mobilise yourself to take steps toward it

Many of my clients mention that some of the benefits you may receive during a session include:

  • building belief in YOU!
  • improved self-confidence
  • learning how to manage conflict with ease and grace
  • learning how to express your needs and desires to those around you
  • letting go of the need to blame, judge and criticise yourself and others
  • exploring your optimal potential and what that could look like for your future self
  • learning simple yoga and/or meditation techniques to destress and calm your central nervous system
  • learning the importance of changing the stories around certain life events to avoid staying stuck in the past

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When I was little, I was told more times than I can remember that I was too loud and too opinionated. These and other pejorative ways of policing my behaviour in unsupportive ways, led me to feeling intrinsically bad about being me.

Even though at this early age I was already demonstrating a free spirit and natural independence, these innate qualities were not nurtured or celebrated. As a consequence, and over time, I began to tone myself down, dim my light, soften my edges, severe my voice and smile through gritted teeth. I edited, spliced, diced and muted myself. I was effectively apologising for my existence.

This impacted my life in so many detrimental ways and held me back more times than I would care to admit or remember. I often wonder what I would have been capable of achieving had I been free to express the truest and most sincere version of my Self right from the very beginning.

Therefore, I am now a passionate advocate for guiding people on how to be authentic to themselves first. If you’d like to attract people who are in your corner and who genuinely care, respect and love you, you must honour and accept yourself first and foremost. You must endeavour to honour your beliefs and express them unapologetically, honour your truth and express it opening and generally have a mindset of loving being you, quirks, weaknesses, weirdness and all! When you are authentically YOU, you will attract your tribe. Pretending to be someone you’re not or distorting yourself to fit inside a preconceived box, is disingenuous and will ultimately lead you down a path of suffering.

I would love you to embody YOU every single day, so you are living in your purpose and feeling lit up every time you start you day. I would love you to understand and realise your innate worth and be grateful for the unique person you are and are yet to become, so you exude confidence and love wherever you go.

Because wherever you go, there you are…

This can be tough to handle on your own, and this is precisely why I feel so exceptionally passionate about helping you find your voice, your truth, your purpose, what you love doing, and your authenticity in a supported and embodied way. I would love everyone (especially women), to realise and experience their innate worth and finally claim their sovereign right to exist, take up space, breathe fully and deeply and slay some fire breathing dragons!

If your answer to any of the above was a resounding YES, then please contact me to book in your FREE 15-minute Consultation. This time will be used to discover your needs and what you would principally like to work on, whether we resonate and could work well together, and for me to ascertain if you’re ready for coaching: info@hathayogasydney.com.au

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Thank you so much Ondine for the holistic coaching call. I have been wanting to improve my diet for the last 2 years, but I was putting it off thinking it was too much of a challenge. From just the one hour I spoke with you I learnt so much about digestion and how our body works with food. I had some really big wow moments, where I realised that I had been taught certain things all my life that were actually very ineffective.

Within 7 days my life already looks VERY different. I’ve been able to implement very effective changes, that haven’t even taken much more time then usual. My approach to food has completely shifted. I now enjoy it, as opposed to it feeling like a chore. I don’t snack anymore, I understand my digestion process in a completely different way through Ayurvedic science.

I’m connecting with my food and body and have actually learnt some spiritual lessons, just from the way I eat! I’m so surprised how easy it’s been and felt how much of your passion and attention went it to it. This has 100% been the best investment I’ve made towards my health.

Gemma Chadwick

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