NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, NEW DECADE Introductory Beginners Course

Commences Thursday 6 February 2020 @ 6.15-7.30pm
for 8-weeks

Have you ever wanted to learn yoga, but thought it wasn’t for you?

Maybe you thought you needed to be flexible (not true), spiritual (not true) or vegan (definitely not true!) to practice?

How about investing in YOU this New Year, by taking the first steps to beginning. Here is your chance to start the year off well and then continue on throughout the year once you see how many incredible benefits Yoga can bring to your life. This Introductory Beginners Course was designed with you in mind.

Learn Hatha Yoga in this 8-week program, ‘Yoga for Beginners’. A course designed for absolute beginners, or for those wishing to gain a better understanding of their yoga practice.

Held over 8 consecutive Thursday evenings, commencing 6 February, 2020 – 6:15 to 7:30PM

You will be safely introduced to the foundations of yoga, starting slowly and gradually building up in each class. This course progresses from week to week and all students are encouraged to move at their own pace.

You will learn breathing exercises, postures, moving sequences, and relaxation techniques, as well as being introduced to the history and philosophy of yoga.

At the completion of the 8-weeks you will have developed an understanding of how Yoga can benefit your life, as a powerful tool for transformation, or simply as a great way to stretch and relax. You will experience how deep relaxation arises from concentration, focus and physical attention to detail.

Sanchia Bull will guide and mentor you throughout this course.
Here’s a week by week break down of what you will learn:


Week 1

  • Introduction to the benefits of Yoga in your life
  • Breathing practice to help tune into your breath and body
  • Find a comfortable and supported seated position with the use of props to achieve optimum spine length
  • Learn to identify where resistance exists in your body and how to modify your practice to suit you
  • Neck and shoulder release sequence

Week 2

  • The importance of foundation – Building your practice from the ground up
  • Standing postures
  • Sun Salutation, highlighting the connection of your breath and movement

Week 3

  • Practice Sun Salutation
  • Core strength – Building it and take it to the edge
  • Downward facing dog – breaking it down – Explore shoulder rotation

Week 4

  • Warrior Sequence – Find your inner warrior and keep it
  • Vinyasa – Connect and flow
  • Introduction to meditation

Week 5

  • Alternate nostril breathing – Calm your mind, reverse stress and improve concentration
  • Back bending – Open your chest, shoulders and back
  • Twisting postures – Improve spine and hip flexibility, and much much more…

Week 6

  • Find space in your hips
  • Postures to deeply release your hips, lower back and hamstrings
  • Balancing postures

Week 7

  • Restorative – Letting go through stillness
  • Yoga Nidra – Meditation
  • Tune in to your parasympathetic nervous system – Rest and Digest

Week 8

  • Putting it all together in a complete and well rounded sequence
  • Meditation – Drawing your senses inward

Register to attend by investing in your health and wellness in 2020. Limited spaces available.

$195 (includes gst)


$110 (includes gst)

Block of 4-classes


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