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Born in New Zealand, Ondine graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Music Performance degree in classical flute. She’s lived and worked around the world in locations such as India, the UK and Spain, but now calls Australia home.

While in Spain, she committed five years to full-time Yoga study at the Dharmâlaya Ashram in Granada. Her training was orthodox and traditional in disciplines including Hatha Yoga, Vyayam Yoga, Vedic Dharma, Ayurveda, Meditation & Vedanta. Three years living in Rishikesh, in Northern India, gave Ondine experience in teaching classes while co-directing the establishment of the Yogâlaya Ashram and Monastery.

Ondine’s passion for Yoga and the Art of Living is unwavering and evidenced by the energy she brings in sharing the knowledge she so gratefully received. She’s also a highly experienced teacher having taught in many studios as well as facilitating retreats, workshops and conferences in Australia and internationally over the past fifteen years.

Hatha Yoga Sydney realises Ondine’s dream of sharing her knowledge with the yoga community of Sydney. She invites you to her studio to experience firsthand how she translates what’s timeless and traditional into practice for our contemporary lifestyle.

Further information on class schedules is available here.

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