Ondine Savage

Born in New Zealand, Ondine graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Music Performance degree in classical flute. She has lived and worked around the world in locations such as India, the UK,  Spain and now Australia.

Ondine has been teaching for fifteen years and founded Hatha Yoga Sydney in 2011, moving into the sweet, boutique studio space in the heart of Redfern- which is now home- soon after.

While in Spain, she committed five years to full-time Yoga study at the Dharmâlaya Ashram in Granada. Her training was orthodox and traditional in disciplines including Hatha Yoga, Vyayam Yoga, Vedic Dharma, Ayurveda, Meditation & Vedanta. Three years living in Rishikesh, in Northern India gave Ondine experience in teaching classes while also running and co-directing the  Yogâlaya Ashram and Monastery.

Her passion for Yoga is evident from her lifestyle and she loves guiding people back home to their inner wisdom via the different techniques that yoga offers, whether it be philosophical contemplation, silence and stillness, meditation, breath work or yoga âsana.

She invites you to join her in experiencing first hand just how this timeless tradition can be translated into a practice for our contemporary lifestyle.


Wendy Millyard

Having spent some 12 years travelling and working overseas (mainly in London), Sydney-born Wendy now calls Australia home.

Whilst it was never her intention to become a yoga teacher, the common denominator among Wendy’s many vocations (arts & talent management and in the feature film industry), has been her love of being with and helping people. Working with people in ways that enable them to feel calmer, more grounded and connected with themselves and others is therefore a pretty good gig!

Wendy teaches Restorative and Hatha yoga. Whilst living in London, Wendy was privileged to spend many years practicing and studying at Triyoga with some of the world’s finest teachers, mainly from the Iyengar and Anusara lineages. It was at Triyoga that she first met her mentor and friend, the esteemed American yoga teacher, Richard Rosen, whose class she demonstrates over Zoom every week.

In November 2018, she completed a 20-month advanced teacher training at Triyoga led by senior UK teachers. Having suffered with chronic back pain since she was very young (and spinal surgery aged 17), Wendy is particularly interested in yoga therapeutics. She is also deeply passionate about the benefits of Restorative yoga and Pranayama. A perennial student of yoga, she has a habit of hemorrhaging money on yoga books and other props.


Tara D’cruz-Noble

Tara’s family lines are from India and the UK, but for the last 20 years she’s called Sydney home. Her teaching experience of 3 years is supported by 20 years of personal practice. Tara’s study of Hatha yoga has been shaped by the teachings of T.K.V. Desikachar. She’s drawn to Desikachar’s approach of individualising the practice. This way of thinking is woven into the way Tara shares both yin & yang styles. She teaches from the inside out and is guided by the functionality rather than the aesthetics of yoga.

Tara teaches Yin as a practice that gradually lets the light in. She has studied Yin with Bernie Clarke and Paul Grilley. Most recently she studied with Nicky Hadjithoma – MyoYin and myofascial release to complement her teachings. Tara’s classes are led by making sense of our inner sensations – expect internal inquiry and creativity along the way.

For the whole of 2019, Tara explored the world with her partner and two children travelling through 25 countries. Tara taught yoga in Europe and studied with teachers she’s most drawn to in India and Canada. She works as a photographer and documents the many ways humans approach wellbeing. She is also a self taught cook and creates food for yoga offerings at her retreat setting called Idler’s Hill on the Northern Beaches.

Further information on class schedules is available here.

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