1-day Yoga Retreat – North Narrabeen

Saturday 12 December 2020



Hatha Yoga Sydney is proud to present a special 1-day Yoga Retreat to see out the epic year that was 2020 with a calming, relaxing and rejuvenating experience before the Christmas holidays. We will also look at letting go of this year with grace and gratitude for all the lessons learned and reflect on, visualise and manifest what we would like to create for the upcoming year ahead…

It has indeed been a confronting year for us all… but I believe that unforeseen challenges can push us further into our zone of genius, can help us understand that we are stronger and more resilient than we ever knew, can tap into our creativity and help us bloom and they can empower us to be more authentic, because through unexpected experiences, we have the opportunity to finally understand what is truly important in our livesand anything that takes us into an arena of uncertainty, can help us understand on profound levels just how much we often need to learn the art of surrender.

And this is what our yoga practice is all about at its very essence…SURRENDER. Our practice tries to encourage us to go more with the flow of what life delivers and not to create tension or tightness around it when it doesn’t look like we had predicted or hoped, but to find the joy, the lessons and the calm even though you might be travelling down a path you hadn’t expected to be on…

The lovely home where we will practice together during this end of year celebratory day, is surrounded by Nature’s harmony, and is only a 7-minute drive to Narrabeen beach and a quick 40-minute drive from Sydney.

I can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful day with you before Hatha Yoga Sydney breaks for the Christmas holidays.

Please keep in mind that numbers are strictly limited to 10 people, due to Covid-19 restrictions, so if this day resonates with you, be sure to book in quickly.

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Photo credit: Tara D’cruz-Noble

Hear what was said about past 1-day Yoga Retreat’s held by Hatha Yoga Sydney


“Ondine’s one day retreats are the perfect opportunity to ‘check out’ of your daily life and ‘check in’ to your self – into your mind and your body. A wonderful way to take time out to be in a calming environment, away from the fumes of the city and transport yourself to a place where you can be with yourself to rest, rejuvenate and replenish all that is good and essential to living ‘the good life.”

“The retreat was amazing! Right balance of strength, stretching and relaxing. The hosts were great, food incredible and the yoga is incredible as always, especially in the bush surroundings with the trees and birds you feel very relaxed.”

“Ondine’s teaching style is firm but gentle and after just a couple of months I have noticed a difference. Going to the retreat only served to confirm how good yoga can be for your mind and body. I came away feeling relaxed and positive and ready to learn more. I highly recommend everyone to make the time to take a day out your busy schedule and attend one of Ondine’s lovely retreats”.


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