1-day Urban Yoga Retreat – North Narrabeen

Saturday 11 September 2021

Date amended due to Covid-19 lockdown in Sydney




Hatha Yoga Sydney is excited to return to Idler’s Hill for yet another incredible 1-day Yoga Retreat Experience.

I would love for you to join me at this special spot, a haven of peace, calm and relaxation set amongst a serene and picturesque nature setting. Let’s take a collective breath out and allow ourselves a moment of solitude to recalibrate and rejuvenate.

This is a beautiful opportunity to come together to meet, practice, connect, eat, rest and “BE” in community.

Here, you can leave your worries and stresses at the door for one day of perfect tranquility, so as to realign, balance and harmonize your Central Nervous System, in order to continue showing up in your life for yourself and for others. We will resist by resting, and Idler’s Hill is the perfect bubble to hold and nurture us during our time here.

As life is constantly teaching us to stop resisting change and to move more fluidly with it, then that is what we will be focusing on during our day away together. Surrendering to what is and not to how we want things to be. Let’s normalise taking more time for ourselves, instead of constantly giving endlessly to others, and let’s begin to release the grip that resistance, contraction and tension have over our bodies and minds so we can open ourselves to the beautiful gifts life has in store for us.

The lovely home where we will practice together is surrounded by nature’s energy and harmony, and it is only a 7-minute drive to Narrabeen beach and a short 40-minute drive from Sydney. I can’t wait for this beautiful day, to celebrate with you the mid year point and all the incredible change it has already brought in.

Please keep in mind that numbers are strictly limited to 11 people, so if this day resonates, be sure to book in promptly.

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Photo credit: Tara D’cruz-Noble

Hear what was said about past 1-day Yoga Retreat’s held by Hatha Yoga Sydney


“Ondine’s one day retreats are the perfect opportunity to ‘check out’ of your daily life and ‘check in’ to your self – into your mind and your body. A wonderful way to take time out to be in a calming environment, away from the fumes of the city and transport yourself to a place where you can be with yourself to rest, rejuvenate and replenish all that is good and essential to living ‘the good life.”

“The retreat was amazing! Right balance of strength, stretching and relaxing. The hosts were great, food incredible and the yoga is incredible as always, especially in the bush surroundings with the trees and birds you feel very relaxed.”



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